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Mefield took the record of 12 wins and 1 loss, leading the school team to win the three consecutive championships and will fight the playoffs next month. This season, in his 369 passed 262, spread 4,340 yards and 41 reachaes, only 5 copies. He rushed out of 310 yards and 5 reached. He has challenged the game of the Great 10 Alliance Champion Ohio, came out of 386 yards, 3 Daliang, with team 31:16 wins. In addition, it also broke the single school record of his college career this year.

The Falcon offensive group could not open the situation, this attack is over the end of the mistake. Ryan passed the Saint-Defensive Front Player Shi Tuttle. Although the saints were attacked to abandon the end, the falcon could not seize the opportunity, but then sent a copy, this time, copying the Saint-Saint-Kathner-Johnson (Chauncey Gardner) Johnson). Falcon’s mistake gave the saints to start off attack from the top 29 yards from the end area. This falcon defensive group was defended to reach, but it could not stop the Saint-Party to play the ball L卢. Last stable 42 yards, Saint 23-9 Falcon.

However, the team’s corner Williams defeated Washington, the team was complained in the team 37-34, and the training rhythm of Kaili was too fast. The amount of training was too hot. one. Williams said: “After experiencing a whole week, I want to invest 60 minutes in the game. I am not the only one like this. I am just a single standing and discussing this. People. In my opinion, our start is some problems, the problem is from weekdays. “

During high school, Maitcar was not only a good football, basketball players, and also leaned by the human body in the hurdle and jump. In the 2019 cheap nfl jerseys physical measurement, Maitcrew ran out of 4.33 40-yard sprint score, which was previously chased with the highest speed of 22.64 mi / h.

Previously, the Steelman’s head coach Mike Tomlin said that the team will arrange Landry Jones first. If Roseberg is determined that the team may add Tayler Murphy to the big list as a substitute quarter.

The turn of the fight against the Falcon, the Poppy in the Kick Tool is once again mistaken, and the loss of 42 yards. Saints seized the opportunity to reach again, Hill came to the four-defense position, the middle road was 30 yards, the Saint 17-6 Falcon.

Brown and Jogue Karem Hengqi has been about 2 years

US Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, Brown and running Dhant Renewal for two years, the total salary is 13.25 million, of which 8.5 million US dollars are guaranteed.

[Event Review] The thirteenth Weight Thanksgiving Evening Tournament: Saint 26-18 defeats falcon

On the thirteenth, the last game of Thanksgiving Day was unfolded between the opponent falcon with the origin of the north.

This week, Rosley Borg has been involved in the training of the team. In the past 3 weeks, he has been dragged by the knee injury. Relevant persons believe that non-elimination of Rosreis Bigne has not returned to 100%. It is also believed that since the steel man will face the League Top Top Justin Houston, the Roseberg is a better decision for a week.

Although Bristed 40 yards of the pass advancement to bring the Saint to the Falcon Red Area, but the three gears reached the unregistered, they had to send the ball to Wil-Lutz (Wil Lutz), the latter hits 22 yards Free kick, Saint 10-6 Falcon.

The third time from the University of Oklahoma, the third time I entered the Husman award selection list, and he ranked fourth in 2015, ranking third last year. In this year’s voting, Lamar Jackson, Lamar Jackson, is divided into Bryce Love, which is divided into Bryce Love.

Big Ben Battle Doubt, Wik confirmed absence

The Pittsburgh steel man still does not have the possibility of Ben Roethlisberger in this week and the possibility of the Kansas City chief. In the newly announced injuries report on the team, Rosley is listed as “doubt.” Another four-point bathroom-Wik (Michael Vick) has been determined to come on this week.

Hunt’s last season served as the first Run Nick – Nick Chubb, the shock pushed 179 yards, complete 37 shots, with a total of 3 times. Due to the penalty of 8 games in the ban, he had to go to the game after the season.

The Falcon once again chose to gamble and kicked, and the British third gambling kick trial was successful. The falcon was fortunate to grab the ball. But the luck has reached the head, and the quad 8 yards strongly defeated Lenni Melon, Cameron Jordan. At the end of the game, the Saint 26-18 was shocked and there was no danger to win the falcon.

Hawks take over Maitcrew will participate in the track and field Gold League

In the last season, D.K. Metcalf (D.k. Metcalf) took advantage to catch up with Safety Weapon Baker, stopping a back attack. This also made him praised by people as one of the “The fastest” players.

Is Kelly excessively using an eagle player?

Philadelphia Eagle played a total of 74-24 at a discigenic score of 74-24 in the first half of this season. About the advantages of the eagle, one of the theories is the strict, fast training of chip kelly, so that the team you can try this out use physical and tactical advantages to drag your opponent in the game.

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