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Established in 1970 as Marine Gear Box manufacturing and exports company in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Indo Group has been engaged in the sales and support of diesel engines and transmissions for nearly five decades.

Now, Indo Group is the new corporate identity and culmination of our 48 years of engineering experience as Manufacturers, Distributors & Service Providers for Marine Diesel Engines & Transmissions. We have expansive experience in Automotive, Marine, Power Generation, Construction and Industrial application. We began our journey as Indo Marine and in a short while incorporated Indo Construction & Indo Power which culminated to the current Indo Group. We have come a long way and gained invaluable experience and understanding of our domain.


SHRI . s . s . naik

Founder - Indo Group

Born in 1943 and armed with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Karnataka University, Shri S.S. Naik’s journey, from the scenic coastal city of Karwar in Uttar Karnataka to the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in Marine Engineering. Shri Naik’s early experiences at Greaves Cotton laid the foundation for his future endeavors. It was here that he delved into the complexities of Marine Transmissions, sparking a journey that would lead to the creation of India’s indigenous Divya Bharat Marine Gear Box (DB), under a technology license from David Brown Greaves, Huddersfield, UK. This pioneering achievement not only set a benchmark in the marine engineering sector but also established Indo Marine Engineering as a bastion of quality and reliability.
Under his guidance, the company saw unprecedented growth, with the “Divya Bharat” brand becoming synonymous with excellence. Shri Naik’s commitment to innova-tion, quality, and customer satisfaction has inspired gener-ations, creating a legacy that continues to influence the marine engineering landscape in india. 

The torch of innovation and excellence is now carried by the second generation, Shri Siddharth Naik, who joined the Indo Group in 1995. With a vision as expansive as his father’s, Siddharth has propelled the company into new realms. His strategic leadership transformed Indo Marine into a Limited company, opening new markets in India, Maldives, Sri Lanka and now Singapore & Dubai, broadening its horizons and scaling its offerings to include a vast array of marine propulsion systems and equipment. His international business acumen has fostered global partnerships, further solidifying Indo Group’s position as a leader in the marine industry.

Shri Siddharth Naik’s efforts to diversify and innovate have not only honored his father’s legacy but have also set new standards for excellence in the marine engineering sector.

As we acknowledge the contributions of Shri S.S. Naik, let’s also celebrate the dynamic leadership and visionary approach of Shri Siddharth Naik. Together, their stories weave a narrative of perseverance, innovation, and unwavering dedication that continues to inspire and shape the future of marine engineering in India and beyond.

Indo Group is headquartered in Pune, India and operates with a strength of 72 strong employees present in six strategic locations across  India.

Our core strength in After Market Service has gained us a favorable preference from our customers when it comes to choosing our offered products over our competitors. Since the year 2000 when Indo Group established the major US-based Engine manufacturers dealership in India, we have had a few thousand engines in India under our regime.

In these years, we have adhered to international business practices and achieved high standards in maintaining transparent business relations and communication through a structured organization and proved ourselves to be a valuable asset to our global partners.

the market leader for


Indo Group is determined to emerge as the market leader for manufacturing and servicing of marine and industrial diesel engines. The organization is further augmenting its in-house research and engineering facilities, which will ensure that the products we manufacture meet the highest quality standards and provide the latest technology from performance and cost perspectives.

New customers and export markets are key focus areas for the organization. Indo Group has a team of committed and like-minded employees who continuously strive for perfection with a common
goal – to be the leaders in whatever we do. Our goal is to support our employees so that they may continue to do their jobs skillfully; now and in near future, in line with the guiding principles of speed, innovation, and transparency.


We aim to achieve customer satisfaction with distribution, commissioning, and installation of quality products and are committed to comply with their requirements by implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of our services.


To become a renowned organization applying insight, service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for Business and Society.


Indo Group will endeavor to provide customers the best in terms of sales, installation, commissioning and product support of marine equipment and machinery and ship repairs in a professional manner bringing into focus exemplary work ethics.

Our Divisions

We are also registered with most of the Public Sector companies, State Governments to whom we render our after sales services.


Indo Marine is attributed to Marine Transmissions since 1970 and solution providers for Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary applications, Water Jets Systems, Bow & Stern Thrusters. We are the proficient manufacturers and suppliers of Marine Gearboxes.




An Industry leader in the field of setting up Diesel Base Captive Power Plants up to 20MW having its corporate office in Pune, it has leveraged its relationship with John Deere Power Systems to capture a majority market share in Asia & Middle East markets.


Indo Construction today offers different types of models in different product categories such as Backhoe Loaders, Wheeled Loaders, Excavators, Skid Steer loaders, Generators and construction Diesel Engines.


At Indo Energy, we design, develop and manufacture Aviation Ground Support Equipment and specific Electricals, Mechanical systems for various Commercial & Defense projects. Range of APU/GPU (AC/DC)







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