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Washington coach Roen Rivra has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to build a powerful offensive front line, and it is already enough to defensive front line. Lenan is the third key player of Washington, before they trades Dolphin Made Arake, Ereck Flowers, selected in the two rounds Samuel Cosmi. .

Rivira’s performance is also evaluated for the performance of Newton’s training: “You can say that he rusted, at least a few pass decision is indeed this, when he passed the ball, we only care about the pass. Now We care about when he can restore the body and return to the stadium, rather than supervising his performance. “

This will be the first time in the team in the team in the team’s lineup, the team occasionally acts as a player in other locations. Players who have been in full-service location include Ryan Hewitt, Jordan Wilkins, Nyheim Hines, striker Quinton Nelson, etc.

According to reports, Leno has signed a contract with Washington, salary of 5 million US dollars. He as the left-trial for the bear team to play 93 games for the bear team, but because Chicago selection offensive cutting, TEVEN Jenkins, Leno was cut off by the team.

Olsen, who is three-degree career bowl, is not only a blow to the Black Leopard, but also a question mark for this 33-year-old career. Because of the injury of the same foot, Olsen has only played 15 games in the past two seasons.

Nicks is 28 years old, is the 2014 elected show, during the university, from the defensive front line member, it has maintained a good performance since entering the alliance. In the past five years, he has been working for the Pittsburgh steel. In 2017, Knicks opened the road in the steel man to take the LE & RSQUO; Veon Bell, the latter 321 times, pushed 1291 yards, selected for the best lineup. Knicks also sorted into a career bowl.

17-24 After losing to Tampa Bay pirate, the black Leopard’s neighborhood Panther Greg Olsen said that the film is tearing yourself, and the season will end this. This is in the same side of the three games in the early season.

Buffalo Bill signed the black panther defensive coach for the new season main coach

Although most people think that the temporary head coach Anthony Lynn will become the main coach of Buffalo, but it seems that the Bill Management Group has a new option.

Jet and quadrant Yo Joe-Vlaco sign a year

US time is reported on Friday, according to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, jets sign a one-year contract with four points 卫 Qiao Verco (Joe Flacco). The contract salary is 1.5 million US dollars, including $ 3 million incentive bonuses.

However, the team’s coach Ron Ron Rivera is not satisfied with the performance of most players. Before the players end training on the bus, Rivila is very simple to express their own ideas, “those who have the ball are guys It is a person who has got the opportunity, and those who are good have been wasted. When the ball hits your hand, you have to contact it. You have to stop him in front of you, this is what we have not done. Place, so we look very bad. I want to have a great level every day. “

The Knicks career has played 60 games, and 11 were first. Although the number of times the tropp is not too many, he contributed outstanding in the special team. In the 2015-2018 season, Knicks completed 34 high-tech groups, 2 times forced the ball, and blocked the kick.

Joe Douglas, General Manager Joe Douglas, once in the crow, who will make the front crow of cornerstone four-point guards to Sam Darnolds as mentors and substitutes. Last year Darnod Due to the absence of monocytes, Trevor Siemian and Luke Falk were not ideal. There is a Virko sitting in the town, and the jet should be more relaxed to the accident. Although it is far from winning the level of the super bowl MVP than in 2013, the experience of Vlaco is still very precious.

Olsen is not the only injured player in the Black Panther. Carrie Roen Rivira, also told reporters that the pass side of the four-point guards of Cam Newton “is abnormal in the end of the game”, “this is also Rivila decided to use the substitute quarter Taylor Heinicke replaces Newton.

This veteran queen is the horses in the season, which was originally a first member, but because the neck injury had to be absent next half. Replacing the New Show Druk Lock (Drew Lock) shows amazing, so that the wild horse has no reason to retain Fraco.

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