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I tried picking stocks a long time ago, but the more I learned about how businesses operate it became increasingly obvious I had no clue what I was doing. It always amazes me that a so-so public company can trade at 15 times earnings and people will sink a ton of cash into a single stock …but small profitable good companies can be purchased for 4.0 – 5.5 times earnings. Your point about Enron, Tower, Hollywood, etc. really hits home & that’s why most of my free cash flow goes towards buying stuff you can touch & see like real companies or real estate.

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The deal with Turner Sports will see DraftKings present sports betting information and daily fantasy content on Turner Sports telecasts and Bleacher Report digital channels, including the B/R app. For instance, investors will bet on the VIX going up to protect against losses when the S&P 500 declines. This protection (a.k.a. this hedge) works about 80% of the time—since the VIX moves in the opposite direction of the S&P 500 about 80% of the time.

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Meanwhile, the real estate sector has beaten the overall market by a wide margin on Dalal Street. The BSE realty index has soared 117 percent in the past year, far ahead of the Sensex’s 54 percent return. The optimists in this debate will say that there are market structures that will prevent a runaway.

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It’s complicated, but the takeaway is that call option buys may have also driven up the stock because the market maker selling those options hedges by buying more stock. And there was a lot of options buying, namely among day traders — volumes have skyrocketed, and one WallStreetBets trader claimed to have turned $50,000 into $11 million playing options. And it’s far from certain GameStop’s stock price will stay high forever.

The CDPQ and British Columbia Investment Management Inc. opened small positions of less than US$1 million on electric vehicle maker Xpeng Inc., while AIMCo started a US$1.9 million investment in Nio Inc. Both stocks have been among the hottest trading in North America as investors are strongly betting on a promising EV market in China and the potential for Tesla Inc. to face stiff competition from national manufacturers. The total market for mobile games outside of China is currently US$60 billion, Pachter said, and US$15 billion of that is spent on advertising.

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The rising wholesale inflation has let down investors sentiment according to market experts. The company has also received a Letter of Intent for the first maker layout for the HVAC panel from one of the OEM’s, the SOP of which is expected in FY24. They have also added two new customers to its portfolio namely Matter Motors on EV platform and PSA . This plant shall incur a cost of Rs 400 crore and have a designed capacity of 1650 metric tons per day.

“But innovation does not negate responsibility under the federal informative post securities laws.” Nasdaq said it will halt trading on a stock if it finds a link to unusual activity on social media. The company said it sees its role as a “self-regulatory organization” is to make sure its markets act in a “legitimate” way. “Regulators kind of have to catch up with the technology that’s now available,” Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman told CNBC on Jan. 27. Imagine Ian Corp. is a public company, and its shares are worth $10. A “short” would borrow shares of Ian Corp. and sell them for $10.