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Mike Zimmer told reporters on Friday, saying that the outer line will accept “very small” knee surgery, which will end his season after 12 encouraging first. Balcheng has not been in the field since the thirteenth week of injuries called “slightly half-monthboard torn”. “He is very good,” said Qi Mo. “He is a very good player. Good boy, work hard. Do everything. He is very serious, very diligent. He has been excited about the return.”

If you have to mention it, it is still a problem of Rogers. His calf muscle injury has affected his mobile capabilities. Although Rogers defeated Dallas Cowba with its excellent passage, the defensive level of cowboy and the sea hawk are far away. The Hawks will mainly use Michael Bennett, Crife (Cliff Avril) and Bruce Irvin. Rogers.

The player who was selected in this year’s selection is particularly strong in the proceeds of anti-run and has progress in the ball in the season. He missed too much to hold too much in the second half season, but Qi Mo believes that Barbar is good, call him the “team’s cornerstone”. He is the best game this year is the eighth week of defeating Tanpawan pirates. In this game, he completed a forcing the ball, grabbed the ball, and grab it back to the ball back to get up.

However, Marshall can also make their new management and coach groups at their loss afterwards. Marshall now has to face the fanatic New York Media and a young and no four-point guard. Marshall is not always a good patience for young quarterfire. However, for an offensive group lacking offense, jet urgently needs to take risks to let their two experience with excellent offensive skills to help their quartz guards.

Smith was obviously very painful after encountering opponents in Thursday night. He vowed to be a revenge of Mike Mitchell, Mike Mike Mitchell, who had to fight his teammates with him in the Black Panthers of Carolina.

When the patriots were not able to complete the 19th contest in the Super Bowl, Edrman had just completed their big three seasons. After leaching from quarter-saving, he plays an important role in the patriot’s offensive group. Since I become a four-point Wei Tom Brady (Tom Brady), the 31-year-old Edelman has completed 356 bolts in the past four seasons.

There is no doubt that this is another direct conversation with top defense and top offensive. But do you still remember that before the superbit of the super bowl last year, the media used the same statement for the game of Denver’s Wild Horse and Hawks. The results of it? Hawks 43-8 wins opponents. According to ESPN’s forecast, this game will not have the same side as the last super bowl, although the Haiying strength is more powerful, but the packaging work has the ability to bite the score.

The male goal is implemented in BROX. According to NFL media people, Albert Breer reported on Monday, the St. Louis Rasquet of the San Lussea Executive Dragonfly, the fifth anniversary of Michael Brokers.

The winning work of the package is just 50% in the season, and the Hawk is 8 wins 8 wins at home. In the first week of the season, Cheap jerseys the Hawks were at home 36-16 victory. In the past three seasons, the performance of the Hawks at home is 25 wins and 2 losses. In addition to the home advantage, the reason why another victory of the Hawks is that Russell Wilson has faced a four-defense of the superb bowl champion level. Wilson had a four-dimensional guardress who won the super bowl of championship, and he has no defeat, and Aaron Rodgers also swallowed 2 defeat.

“When you have a national football alliance, this kind of thing is afraid of thinking about it is very stupid,” Edelman said on Saturday. “I have never been done before. You won’t really discuss this kind of thing. My concern is more in the new season, trying to be familiar with the teammates, build my own identity.”

This month, a 31-year-old Mada is still a player who can contribute. He had more than 1000 yards for 7 consecutive seasons before last season. The last season did not achieve this data was also due to the relationship between the last three games in the season. No one can deny Marshall’s talents, and have always been a team that has plagued the team. According to the research made by the NFL official website, Ma Shar is the fourth player who has traded 3 times since 1995. The previous three is Randy Moss, GLYN Milburn and Saica – Rosen Fers (Sage Rosenfels).

The bear will be highly praised but have not proven to Mark Wilson, Alshon Jeffery, will be used in the 2015 season. The lack of bench in the external connections means that the team needs to solve this problem during the offset season.

Although BROx is flattened in impact four-point guard, he has been able to say that the ability to defend the opponent’s rush is to reach the first class level. But with another defensive disharmony Nick-Fairley, BROSO’s appearance time may be slightly limited.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the best attitude when it is said to be the first-handed team’s new management and coach groups that are not warm. Marshall trading to New York jet, if Marshal passes the medical examination, the bears can get a jet of the draft.

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