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According to the agreement developed by NFL and NFL, the player has been used to receive new crown viruses. Braddy will receive second test after three days. Only after the two test results are negative, players can receive physical examination and participate in other activities in the team base.

According to reporter news from the New York Daily, after this game, Beckham roared in the team’s dressing outdoor until the final was pulled into the locker room by the team security personnel and John Mara.

4 Amit – Smith (Emmitt Smith) 164 times rushing touchdowns record: La Damu – Tomlinson (Ladainian Tomlinson) is the closest, but he also retired, the gap is 19, is the closest active player Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) he has completed 86, but he is now 29 years old.

After the ball is brought by Baker Ham in the dressing outdoor

The New York Giants’ external hand Odell Beckham Jr. is already a well-known emotional player, and the game lost to the Philadelphia eagle on Thursday. Obviously his mood is out of control.

The loss of this game is obviously not Beckham’s problem. The team star has completed 11 batches to advance 150 yards. The team’s four-point Wei Yile Manning (Eli Manning) This game came out of the game. 3 were copied 3 times.

According to Kevin Acee, “San Diego Post”, an anonymous message revealed: “If there is no team to move to Los Angeles next year, we don’t have to wait in the old home, this is a highly confidential message I was very shocked when I heard. “

2 Rice’s record of 22,895 yards the ball: So, Condoleezza Rice really suitable for American football, Turrell – Owens (Terrell Owens) seems a chance, then the gap between them is how much? Well Owens’re just a 6961 yards.

8 Eric – Dixon (Eric Dickerson) single-season rushing record of 2,105 yards (most memorable record): I know what you’re thinking, you will say: “You are drunk what Peterson in 2012? needs only nine yards will be able to break the record, and now DeMarco – Murray (Demarco Murray) also fire ah “Yes this record really easy to close, but the gap level is impossible to see. In 2012, Peterson is averaging 159.9 yards but still a little shy, and now Murray seven consecutive games 100 yards, averaging 130.4 yards closer, he is also likely to touch people. But everything broke and so we’ll talk.

Es quoted “reliable news” said that two teams will form alliances to settled in Los Angeles. These two teams may be the ravers and raiders. In any case, the Lightning Team Board Den Spanos has been concentrating on “embankment or defeating the two teams to Los Angeles.”

It was a record not easy, but Manning does not think so, because 2 years ago, people are still concerned about whether his cervical spine surgery to recover from. After missing the 2011 season, he completed 114 touchdown passes, including 55 times to break the single-season record.

The failure of this game allows the giants to terminate 2 consecutive victories, and the loss of this game makes Dallas denim, if the giant wins Washington red skin in 17 weeks, they can also get an outer card opportunity.

Ice speculates that the flashing team is a team that is likely to be relocated. In addition, the Shengluos ram team and the Auckland raid team are also in a way to move to Los Angeles. After the ram team and the raid team left Los Angeles in 1994, the flashing team came to the United States after the 1960s and has spent the first year in Los Angeles.

This bet is extremely high for the Lightning Team. If they leave, then the two teams will infringe on the ball of 20 years to cultivate the ball. But Es pointed out that the flashing team will eventually still stay in San Diego’s worn stadium.

3 Rice’s record of 208 catches for touchdowns: Rice’s career has been very clear how to play the game. Amit – Smith (Emmitt Smith) is closest to the people, but as many as 33 or behind, the closest active player Antonio – Gates (Antonio Gates) He finished 96 times.

By far the most players is Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) of 374, – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of 372, but both of them are too old that they can not with Manning as the goal. And Andrew – Clark (Andrew Luck) is now only 25 years old he has completed 65, if he is to stay healthy and hit at least 38 years of age, according to the current pace he can finish 369.

5 Smith’s 18,355 yards running the ball yardage record: This is Smith’s best known record, this record may take a long time so that later close. The closest active duty almost no running back, Stephen – Jackson (Steven Jackson) has only completed 10,966 yards.

7 German – Heist (Devin Hester) 14 career punt return touchdown run record: Hyster still has a rapid rate in 32 years, he has two and only two players in the league running back record, but the record is equally difficult to go beyond, to join the league every year but this horse a long time is difficult to record someone to challenge.

NFL record 8 still can not be surpassed

When Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) in the first seven weeks to complete a new historical record of passing touchdowns, his achievement is not only successful, but continued success.

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