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When Sunday, the Eagle’s fans began singing in the case of determining the team to lock the game: “We want Braddy”, obviously they look forward to the Super Bowl to defeat Tom – Braddy ( Tom Brady led New England Patriots.

At that time, it was a pony offense, completed a sports tactics, and 3 minutes left, Feng Miller had a dispute with Allen, and when the two were pushed with each other, Thailand came over and poked. Allen eyes.

Pirate coach: How to consider how to isolate four-point guard in the array

When the NFL starts plan to allow the player to return to the team base and normal training is prepared for the new season, the team coaches need to face the challenges of uncertain factors.

In the new crown related amendment, the Alliance and the player will sign last year, there is a question about paying the loss of the player’s loss. The compensation time was originally set to 2023, but it was earlier to pay for 2022.

The highest value of the salary in the 2022 season is set to 208.2 million US dollars.

US time on Wednesday, according to ESPN and NFL NetWork reporters reported that NFL and players will agree, and the highest value of the 2022 season’s salary cap is determined to 208.2 million US dollars.

Muri felt that the ball was not lucky.

Demark Muri has recently answered his own turnover. He said that it is not his stamp style, it is just an unexpectedly. “I don’t want to think about this problem, I will make adjustments. I will continue to work hard to try to complete more attacks.”

What you need to distinguish is that this does not mean that the salary hat is 208.2 billion in the next season, just a maximum setting. The estimated profit in 2022 and the profit reduction in 2021 may still be reduced by the final value. But if the estimated profit exceeds this maximum, the more of the more than $ 17 million in the 2022 League player will be paid.

Compared with 2020 ($ 198.2 million), the wage ($ 182.5 million) in the 2021 season was significantly lower than that of the new crown. Profit losses are mainly derived from all pocal tickets that are not available.

Whether the team is worthy of adventure to let all quarter-saving use of the same meeting room? Let a player in the array away from the team base to avoid whether there is a more secure way in the base? Whether the team should continue to share the quarter-saving conference room according to the original plan and then expect the free player fire line to help after the emergence situation?

The rickets are selected in the addition of the draft.

Beijing July 11th, the US time conducted in the addition of the Pattern, the red scitch used the 2020 five-round compensation signing Safety Weijun – Thompson. Due to Josh Rosen is traded, the Red Tit gets an extra five-wheel signs.

“Yes, this is what I have been considering when we have developed regulations in the past two or three weeks.” Alius said. “As far as I know, if your virus test results are positive, you will be isolated for two weeks. Now, if you don’t have symptoms, I don’t know what this means. What is the meaning of fake (positive)? This is … There are still many to learn to explore this epidemic. But I considered the third place in the array to stay away cheap jerseys From China the team. We have two quarters that have experienced experience in the offensive system (Bray En-Gabbert and Ryan Griffin), they are really excellent. So, I may have to isolate a quarter-saving, so that other people are isolated. “

Thompson’s hug capacity is excellent, although there is no participation in the training camp, but still has the opportunity to compete with Budda Baker and D.J. J. SWEARINGER compete for tasks. The flush before the 2019 five-round signed Alabama safe Qidoy Thai-Thompson, but some high levels believe that Jay’s ability is superior to Di Antai.

Thompson is also the only player who is only selected in the addition of the draft this year. Other four selection players include Marcus Simms, Shyheim Cullen, near-devonaire Clarington and the DEVONAIRE CLENGTON Safety Weights Bryant Perry. The American tiger is interested in signing Hims, which will conduct medical examination on Thursday, others will become free players.

For example, if the results of Bradi virus detection are positive, it is possible to self-isolation for a period of time in other replacement four-point guards in that quad-shift meeting room. This idea of ​​Alian is highlighting the challenges that may arise in the new season.

It seems that some players will inevitably diagnose new coronary pneumonia in some time in the season, and the alliance officials have admitted this possible. How to deal with these situations or a huge unknown number of alliances and various team programs.

At the guest podcast show, Tampa Bay Pirate Coach Bruce Alice has mentioned the team staff encountered in the season. Aliis said that the team still has a healthy quarter-saving in order to ensure that the team can have a healthy quarter-saving, it is trying to make a quadruple guard. Team base.

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