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Challenge Xing Tianyu, then lead Bradric jersey!October 15, 2018 At 8:15:18, Indianapolis, Indianapolis, the new England patriot, our anchor Xing Tianyu sent a piece of Patriots on the 12th Brundi jersey.

The white pants used this cowboy is one of the team’s Color Rush style, who worked in the red skin game on November 30. In the Thanksgiving Wars with Los Angeles Lightning, they used the Navy Blue Bash and Silver Spulgs.

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The game is open soon, it seems that everyone is honest for the jersey room and the Braddy jersey. So we decided! ! !

On October 15, 2018, the game of the Chief VS New England Patriots at 8:00 on October 15, 2018, our anchor Xing Tianyu once again opened the “Everyday NFL” prize room to challenge players, and sent out the Patriots No. 12 Bradi Jeans Part. The number of rooms will increase to 300, and more players have the opportunity to participate in competition.

Don’t forget to participate in the “Everyday NFL” and explode Xing Tianyu.

Additional notice:

In addition to enabling new jerseys, jersey of Jason Witten will be extra different. As the Walter-Pedon Award, Witten will wear tight rust on the jersey. This award cup rustlers will run through all the careers attached to all the winners.

Dallas uses a new jersey with a new jersey in this week.In this Sunday competition, New York Giants will worry about the Color Rush jersey of all white, and Dallas’ denim will publish a team of new Wholesale Jerseys.

Glenn farm passed 42 times, completed 21 times, pushed 302 yards, 2 times to pass, and was copied once. Among them, the fourth arrival, the 41-yard passed, found Louis Murphy, laid the foundation for the killing. Murphy took 6 times and pushed 99 yards. The new show, Mike Evns completed the first time to catch the ball before he was injured. At the first quarter, the steelman quartz-Rosrisberg was killed, and the pirate team seized the opportunity, Glenn farm passed 7 yards, and won 6 points. Run Doug – Martin’s injury, 40 yards, and one-time rush to reach. This is also the first time that the pirates have taken away from the home of the steel man.

Rams is about to usher in a fourth year of rookie and will receive a basic salary of $ 36.34 million. The Jaguchi chooses to implement his fifth year contract option, he will get $ 13.7 million next year.

The 40 yards pass the ball, completed 29 times, and pushed 314 yards, and there were three metallowed balls. At the end of the first festival, I found out that I was able to get an external walking in Antonio Brown, completed 15 yards. The second time Dalun is still the connection between Dajin and Brown. When there is 5 seconds in half, the 27-yard pass. The third time is in the second half, and it has been found in the seams. Heath Miller.

The most exciting in the competition, first pirates played a score, poured the score 20:24, and then the defending group stopped the steel person near the midfield, the steel people were forced to kick. In the game, there is still 7 minutes, the pirates have got the ball, Glennong continues to pass, and it is 2 minutes when the game is 2 minutes, and it is promoted to the steel people’s red zone. At this time, the steel team was successfully defended, and the game was 1 minute 49 seconds, the pirate team was off-attack, and Glenn’s pass did not complete. The ball is converted to the hand of the steel man. But the pirate hand holds two pauses to stop watching. The three-step twice of the steel man did not complete the 3 gear conversion. At this time, the steel man’s abandonment kicked only 29 yards. Pirates at the 46-yard line of the Steel Man, got the ball for 50 seconds. Murphy launched in the ball and promoted 41 yards, came to the 5-yard line of the steel man. After the first pass to Jackson, Glennong has 12 seconds, and then passed forward to Jackson. Jackson sways the defenders, and then connects the ball, 27: 24 against the ratio. The steel man is also unable to return to the day. In the end, Tampawan pirate 27:24 didn’t kill the steel man.

Tampa Bay pirate explosion and detachable killing Pittsburgh steel manOn September 29th, Beijing time, at a point in the morning, a focus of NFL’s fourth week of the competition, the main scene of Pushpitzburgh, hosted the challenger Tampawan pirate. The pirate was hung by Atlanta Falcon, which was hung by Atlantan Falcon, which made the 9 days ago, and the 27: 24 reversed steel people. There are still 7 seconds, and Mike Glennon passed the ball to Vicent Jackson, the latter completed the 5 yards of the lodging.

The outer rushing has been a headache in the past few years, and Bal’s joining should make the problem improve. He has been selected as a professional bowl, which is the first round of the first round of Viking in 2014. In the five seasons of Minnesota, Balt, a total of 71 games, 7 times forced the ball, complete 13.5 times.

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