Understanding Wagering Requirements at No Deposit Casinos

Understanding Wagering Requirements at No Deposit Casinos


Meta Description : Worried or confused about wagering requirements and terms like zero wagering, 50x, 100x? Read on to find out more about no deposit casinos and the nostalgia casino download concept of wagering requirement and cash out limits.

No Deposit bonuses are all the rage at online casinos these days. Seasoned veterans will probably know all about them, but if you are a beginner you can be forgiven for feeling a bit mystified about the whole concept of no deposit casinos. If you want a quick and painless guide to the world of no deposit casinos and bonuses, read on to learn how to win big at online casinos as a beginner!


Let’s start with the big elephant in the room: what exactly is a no deposit casino? To put it in the simplest terms, any online casino that offers a “no deposit bonus” to its new customers can be called a no deposit casino. Since this bonus is a powerful marketing tool for attracting new customers, virtually all casinos tend to offer their variation of the bonus.

Now that we have clarified that aspect, let’s get down to the brass tacks of no deposit casinos and their wagering requirements. We can break down the guide into several sections for the sake of clarity and ease of reading. Each section will answer one big question related to the whole concept playing no deposit bonuses at online casinos.

No deposit bonuses are to online casinos what free samples are to consumer product companies. We all get free offers for samples of everything from soap to perfumes, chocolates, cakes, and more. The idea behind the practice is to give you a taste of their products for free, to encourage you to buy them.

No deposit casino bonuses are based on the same basic principle. In a regular online casino, you have to deposit real cash into your casino account to start playing. That is no big deal if you are an experienced player who knows exactly what you need for your entertainment.

But if you are a beginner, you might be a bit uneasy about putting down your hard-earned money into a business service about whom you know next to nothing. A no deposit bonus removes this headache by allowing you to play a few rounds (or spins) for free. And the cool thing here is that when you play with this bonus, you still stand a chance of winning real money! After all, that is where the whole thrill and fun behind playing casino games lie, right? With no deposit bonuses, you get a chance to experience all that without putting any money yourself.

2. What are the wagering requirements for No Deposit Casinos?

Each casino has its own set of wagering requirements for the bonuses they offer. But they all tend to follow the same basic principle: if you win cash while playing, you will have to wager or deposit a set amount before you can withdraw your winnings. However, before going any further let’s reiterate that there are some casinos that offer wager free no deposit free spins. Simply put there is zero wagering requirement. You can cash out any winnings up to a specified limit.

Let’s take the example of one particular casino to explain this better. Playamo is a very popular online casino with a vibrant interface and tons of online slots and other fun casino games on their platform. Playamo offers a 22 free spin no deposit bonus. Let’s call the player who takes up this offer in our story Jim. We could have chosen one of many great casinos listed at top portal sites like NoDepositRewards , but let’s stick to this example for now.

Jim signs up and registers a new account at Playamo Casino. Though an experienced online player, this is his first time at Playamo. That means that Jim is eligible for the no deposit bonus new players get when they register at the casino. This is the basic bonus: 22 free spins on Boomaji slot upon registration.

As this is a no deposit bonus, Jim can start playing Boomanji, the specified slot game right away without bothering to deposit any money. The real beauty of no deposit bonuses is that players must make a deposit only if they win while playing the free spins and want to withdraw their winnings, which is usually up to a limit.

3. So what other requirements are there for No Deposits?

The main catch related to no deposit bonuses arises when you win cash during your free spins. Let’s imagine that Jim won €40 while using 22 free spins on Boomanji at Playamo. If he wants to withdraw that cash to his account, he has to comply with the following conditions:

  • He will need to make a minimum deposit into his fully verified and registered account at Playamo.
  • He cannot withdraw more than €50 as winnings. So for instance, if Jim had won €80 as part of his no deposit free spins, he will only be eligible for €50 of that amount.
  • Also, Jim has to be above 18, and residing in a country where online gambling is legal and where Playamo is permitted to provide its services.

4. Are These No Deposits Really Free Then?

In a manner of speaking, they are not really free (unless there is zero wagering requirement as mentioned earlier). But in no way does it imply that these casinos are scamming you or anything. This is a common marketing practice we see in our daily lives. Take free coupons for instance. They always come with terms and conditions attached. The same is true for cashback offers as wellpanies like Amazon, Walmart, and Uber provide cashbacks in a bid to make you spend more on their stores and services.

After all, casinos are businesses and if they started offering free spins without any strings attached, they would soon end up in the red. A no deposit bonus allows them to give new customers a taste of the fun they have to offer. If you don’t win anything, you are free to register and deposit cash to continue playing or look elsewhere. There’s nothing to lose. That’s important.


If you are a beginner at online casinos, no deposit bonuses are your best friend. It is only when you earn winnings that you have to be a bit more careful. Always make sure to read all the terms and conditions before you commit your own cash to a casino. They are legally required to explain all the T&C fine print on their websites. Check all the bonus, wagering, and withdrawal requirements before making any deposits.

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