The completionist cape, better known as compensation cape, is better cape in the game as well as being awarded to users could “accomplished the online game” by polished all major information accessible.

The completionist cape, better known as compensation cape, is better cape in the game as well as being awarded to users could “accomplished the online game” by polished all major information accessible.

It is typically gotten in Varrock Museum for 5,000,000 money within the art gallery guard at the top floors by customers who have all skills trained doing 99, Dungeoneering, Slayer and creation as much as 120, complete all missions and work, unlocked all audio paths, prayers, and magic means (aside from Bounty Teleport), and accomplished a number of other specifications listed below. Any time bought, they are available in a corresponding bonnet. The cape tends to be updated to a trimmed variation after completing a long list of additional needs including unleashing serious pretty armour at Castle battles and the full sculpture of Dahmaroc for the player’s home. This does not add to the cape’s statistics. Minimal feel to put on this cape happens to be 601,991,332.

As latest material (quests, job, successes, etc.) try introduced, brand new requirements is included your normal or trimmed form of the cape. If a new player is wear the cape any time new specifications are included, it might be unequipped and positioned in his or her supply. If their own supply is actually full, it might be positioned in her financial.

Equipping the untrimmed cape will unlock the [Name] the Completionist subject. This headings works extremely well without sporting the cape once unlocked, and will eventually re-lock as soon as the cape struggles to feel put on thanks to brand new requirement. As long as a member has the right to wear the cape, they may purchase more capes from your art gallery protect.

The cape goes back into the Second young age, once it was actually enchanted through the mage Dahmaroc.

Users might done every one of the needs for wear a completionist cape can take a seat on the Throne of Fame through the Max Guild.

A person touches the cape minus the requirements.

A person touches the cape with the requirement.


The personilisation monitor for that completionist cape

The tones of a completionist cape tends to be transformed utilizing the custom-make choice into the right-click selection from the cape. In Skillcape Customiser interface, athletes get the right-click choice on some of the four colour palettes in order to get or put a certain color through the HSL color algorithmic rule (tint, saturation, and luminosity). Each colour board may also be Philadelphia escort service left-clicked select a colour making use of an in-game colouring picker.

If member already features a custom-made optimum cape if claiming the completionist cape, the completionist cape will immediately get personalised in the same way. These capes often share current colouring variety and preserved colouring presets.

This cape renders a particle path behind the individual. The fibers vary from white in color to gold once improved with the trimmed variant. The fibers’ colour is not customisable beyond this.

Additional skills

The cape mixes the skills of several some other merchandise:

  • Capes of fulfillment: just like the Max cape, up to 3 capes of success might end up being drank in order to really stimulate their own perks on Completionist cape.
  • Max cape: Teleport within the Max Guild, turning up near the financial institution inside guild column and the Optimum Guild backyard garden (if toggled).
  • Ava’s alerter: Retrieves arrows.
  • Ardougne cloak 4
    • Teleports the ball player towards Ardougne monastery.
    • Teleports the device towards Ardougne growing plot.
    • Awards all activity savings that require the cape getting put on for example better thieving know-how.
    • Revive Summoning details once a day.
  • Flames cape/TokHaar-Kal: benefit scratches any time battling frost strykewyrms.
  • Character cape: Option to toggle the capacity to need 20 percent a lesser amount of summoning specific electricity when working with scrolls. It is vital that you make use of a Spirit cape in the Completionist cape to unlock this features.
  • Bonesack(e) or memory head helm(e): teleport towards Skeletal scary once weekly.
  • Jerrod’s cape:
    • 80per cent possiblity to notice the things stolen from bakery stalling.
    • Reports gem drops through the safes when you look at the Rogues’ Den.
    • Triples the quantity of gold coins find from the Rogues’ Den.
    • Coshing volunteers through the Thieves’ Guild yields things within the rogue’s pickpocket drop counter.

The Capes of success each need a perk. The utmost, completionist, and trimmed completionist capes holds around 3 of the perks when using the particular cape the max or completionist capes. This would get rid of the Cape of Accomplishment. The additional incentives were shared between the utmost and completionist capes. For a list of rewards determine Cape of Accomplishment#report on Capes of results and advantages.


People can buy the cape and hood on the top ground of this Varrock Museum for 5,000,000 silver and gold coins through the museum protect. Aiming to feel the cape without fulfilling all obligations will set the player into a random animals (like monkeys, squirrels and birds) and knock them outside the cape. They will certainly be also given a listing of left results. The easiest way to evaluate your own excellent success is to open the character software. The Achievements loss is made up of a list of both untrimmed and trimmed cape accomplishments all of which are filtered to only demonstrate excellent successes. Another way of maxed players is to use the right-click alternatives on throne in maximum Guild.

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