Indo Group is dedicated to Customer satisfaction. We believe in installing our systems as specified and doing it correctly the first time. Our team of Project Managers and Software Technicians are our traditional commitment of resources from Indo Group to deliver value and ensure your satisfaction.

Indo Group Controls takes commissioning seriously. We adhere to a collaborative process for planning, delivering, and operating building controls that work as intended. From planning and design, to acceptance and training, Indo Group supports our Customers efforts from start to completion.

Indo Group provider 90 Days Limited Service Warranty to all Indo Group Prime clients. This guarantee provides you free repairs for your Diesel Engine and its accessories for 90 days. This warranty gets automatically activated after every Service Visit conducted by our John Deere Engine specialist.

How does this warranty works?

Whenever you experience a technical problem with your engine you can contact one of our engine specialists on
this (+91-93725-50505 or Toll Free Number 18002330030) we will arrange a Field service engineer to your site for diagnosis purpose in order to provide you a better solution accordingly.

After the problem is solved the Warranty period starts for 90 days, if during those 90 days your engine encounters with the same problem, we will provide you free services unless and until the issue is not terminated.

Warranty Covers :- The warranty only covers the problem related to the engine and for the Parts installed by a Indo Group Engine Specialist.

Your business demands that your machine works through tough terrain and harsh weather. It is only natural that over time, wear and tear and even sudden breakdowns can disrupt your schedule. In today's competitive world, neither you nor your business can afford this. Preventive and regular maintenance is the key to keeping your machine profitable. Indo Group offers Annual Maintenance Contracts covering a number of pre-determined visits in one year. During each visit, Indo Group's Service Engineer inspects the machine, records operating parameters with special tools and software diagnosis and reports on the health of the Machine and after the study gives his expert advice to avoid further damages.

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)
  • On Field Support
  • Fire Pump Application Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Services.
  • Fast Rescue Boat Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Services.
  • Water Jet System Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Services.
  • Diesel Engine Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Services.

Indo Group have skilled diagnosticians who are capable of investigating, locating, identifying, rectifying, and preventing faults and malfunctions of your machine. We are confident our team can solve any problems you may encounter without disrupting your work pattern. Recognizing that downtime to plant equipment can be time consuming and costly to your business. Indo Group provides a rapid response to machine breakdowns. With our competitive rates and our highly skilled technicians, there is no reason to go anywhere else for your breakdown repair service.

Ensure that your machine is not in break down for any longer than absolutely necessary. We can repair your engine, overhaul it or procure warranty post the overhaul at our Service Workshop. Indo Group product support extends beyond field service. We maintain fully equipped state-of-the-art Workshop facilities to cater to major services such as:

  • Engine Overhauls
  • Transmission/TC Overhauls
  • Fuel Injection Pumps & Nozzles Overhaul
  • Rehabilitation Services

Indo Group Service Workshop is equipped with special purpose assembly stands and tools, along with specialty equipment such as Engine Test Bench and Hydraulic Track Press to undertake overhauls of Engines andTransmissions.

Indo Group also offers exchange of your old engine with a ready-made reconditioned engine. You can work your machine back the very same day.

  • 100% Tested, High Quality Engines At Economic Prices
  • Better Life And Performance
  • Offers Warranty For Overhauled Engine
  • Use Of Genuine Parts

Indo Group uses and supplies genuine spare parts to make sure smooth running of your machine. Indo Group caters to customer's parts requirements through Parts Stores located at most of our offices across our territory. Genuine parts and consumables stocked include Filters, Fluids, Ground Engaging Tools, Hydraulics, Power Train and Undercarriage, besides others.To ensure no contamination of these sensitive spares by way of dirt or dust,Indo Group Parts Stores practice contamination control methods. Indo Group also offers customized kits to suit specific needs under one part number, for example, System Repair Kits Rehabilitation Kits or Engine Overhaul Kits, Transmission Overhaul Kits or any other kit that customers may need. Please contact us for specific needs, pricing and availability.

Indo Group provides Machine Condition Monitoring along with Coolant and Oil Condition Monitoring services to the Heavy Machinery, Marine, Power Generation, Mining, Manufacturing and other allied industries.Our Coolant and Oil Condition Monitoring Programs, Predictive Maintenance programs assists customers in analyzing their machine performance & improving its life and durability.

Through Coolant and Oil analysis once can virtually look inside a machine and analyses the proper functioning and performance of a machine or equipment. Indo Group provides Coolant and Oil Analysis Services backed up with technical support & assistance to keep the customers up to date with their Maintenance Schedules and Oil Condition Monitoring programs.

Indo Group provides Consultancy and Training Services to the customers through Indo Group Training Centre located at out Head Office at Pune.Indo Group has full-fledged training department in Pune. This training center is primarily to train in-house service technicians and service engineers. The training center is equipped with all necessary aids. Apart from in-house training, we also train customers on specific products as per customer requirement. We also conduct product training at customer sites.